* [2/25/2022] My abstract was one of 30 among 900 being presented as a talk at COSYNE in Portugal (3/20)

* [2/25/2022] My paper with Viraaj Jayaram officially published in eLife!

* [1/15/2022] My preprint applying optimal control methods for improve parameter estimation in realistic neuron models and chaotic dynamical systems, recently uploaded on biorXiv!

* [10/1/2021] My preprint discovering that flies can sense the direction of motion of odor signals, and the role of odor motion sensing in turbulent plume navigation, recently uploaded on biorXiv!

I am a postdoc in the Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology at Yale University, working in the group of Thierry Emonet. My work is a combination of physics and computational neuroscience.

I am interested in the theoretical and computational analysis of neural circuits and sensory systems. During my PhD, I focused on developing algorithms for statistical inference in chaotic systems and neural models. I also worked in modeling neuron responses in the avian vocal circuit. More recently, I have worked in developing models and theory for combinatorial odor coding in the Drosophila olfactory circuit, and uncovering computational algorithms for olfactory search in turbulent odor environments. More information is found on my research page.

I am passionate about instruction, and I take my role as an educator and communicator of science seriously. Prior to beginning graduate school, I taught mathematics at Camden Academy Charter High School in Camden, NJ, where I initiated the Calculus AP program. I have served as a teaching assistant at UC San Diego, and I have adjuncted at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (now SUNY Polytechnic Institute), at the University of San Diego, and at UC San Diego. I am a certified teacher of secondary education in New Jersey, and an Americorps and Teach for America alumnus. More information is on my teaching and YouTube channel pages.

Nirag Kadakia
Email: nirag.kadakia@yale.edu

Yale, Dept of MCDB

New Haven, CT 06511